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CIT 255: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Spring 2012 Copyright © 2012 Ronald Erdei CIT 255 – Spring 2012 Page 1 Linear and Binary Search of (custom) class types Announcements Crib for Lab 04 has been posted Final Examination: Saturday May 5 th from 1pm to 3pm in Smith 118 Lab Examination 01 next week o The only resource allowed is a single page of handwritten notes. You may use both the front and the back. o Textbooks may NOT be used. o Print-outs of past labs may NOT be used. However, you may include logic from these labs in your 1 page of handwritten notes. o The Internet may NOT be used. o You will NOT have access to your networked drive(s). o You will NOT be provided with a VS.NET template for this Lab Exam.
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Unformatted text preview: Be able to create a C# application from scratch as following course standards. Be able to name components as per the course naming standards. Objectives Understand how to perform a comparison between 2 strings Be able to perform a linear search of a single dimensional string array Be able to perform a binary search of a single dimensional string array Be able to implement a “comparer” class Be able to sort a collection of (custom class) objects using a (custom) comparer class Assignments – In Class Complete the quiz. Assignments – Out of Class Lab 05 will be posted Friday after lecture. It is due on Wednesday. 2012.02.22 at 11:50 pm....
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