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20120217_NestedLoops - CIT 255 Introduction to...

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Unformatted text preview: CIT 255: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Spring 2012 Nested Loops Announcements The grader has started grading Lab Exam 01. Grades will be posted when he completes them. Midterm is next Friday in lecture. o No reference materials may be used. o Format will be primarily multiple choice or matching. o May contain a few short answer or fill in the blank questions. Objectives Understand the 3 elements of a well behaved loop. Understand the 3 control flow modifiers commonly used with loops. Understand the concept of nested iteration. Be able to implement nested loops. Assignments In Class Complete the quiz. Assignments Out of Class Read the Bonus portion of Chapter 9 in An Information Systems Approach to ObjectOriented Programming. Lab 05 is posted. It is due on Wednesday. 2012.02.22 at 11:50 pm. Copyright 2012 Ronald Erdei CIT 255 Spring 2012 Page 1 ...
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