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CPT 385 Quiz 8 - data. 3. True A class attribute can map to...

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CPT 385 Quiz #8 5 Points 3/28/06 Based on the reading assignment by Scott Ambler “Mapping objects to relational databases” 1. False The relational paradigm is based on software engineering principles and the object paradigm is based on mathematical principles. 2. True The object paradigm is focused on building applications out of things that have both data and behavior, whereas the relational paradigm is focused on storing
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Unformatted text preview: data. 3. True A class attribute can map to zero, one, or more relational database columns. 4. True Except with very simple databases, you will almost never have a one-to-one mapping of classes to tables. 5. False One of the major disadvantages - of representing inheritance in a relational database by building one table to represent the entire class hierarchy - is its high level complexity....
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