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CPT385 Quiz 04 - minute and eleven seconds 4 True The great...

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CPT 385 Spring – 2006 Quiz #4 5 Points You have 2 minutes. 1. True When referring to consistency, location of icons and objects is only just slightly less important than appearance. 2. True If you are going to use defaults in your interface, make sure they are intelligent and can by replaced quickly and easily. 3. False In the microwave example, from the standpoint of the user it is faster to heat water in a microwave for one minute and ten seconds than heating it for one
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Unformatted text preview: minute and eleven seconds. 4. True The great efficiency breakthroughs in software are to be found in the fundamental architecture of the system, not in the surface design of the interface. 5. False According to the author when dealing with interface elements, it is more important to be consistent with multiple platforms than it is to be consistent with shortcut keys and invisible structures....
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