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110118ProsAndConsDiscussed - PROS 1 Competitive(attractive...

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PROS 1. Competitive (attractive) wages 2. Job security a. Even though employment dropped 6M from 2008-09, jobs in math & computing remained steady (3.47M employed) 3. Family background (if family members are in IT, then I might value it more because I know more) 4. Multiple career paths (Wide range of types of careers) 5. Opportunity to apply varying skills & experiences a. Technical b. Interpersonal c. Teamwork 6. Transportability of skills geographically and across domain areas 7. Job growth a. Greater chance of getting a job regardless of skill set in IT 8. Applicable to diverse subject areas 9. Impacting people’s lives in a positive way a. Entrepreneur.com: Mexico: Every 10% investment in IT resulted in 1% growth of GNP 10. Great success possible with just a bachelor’s degree a. $$$ b. Job security c. Work/life balance 11. Success possible even if self-taught 12. Potential for work/life balance 13. Opportunity for flexible work schedule a. Telecommuting
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14. Availability of tools anytime, anywhere 15. Not physically demanding a.
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110118ProsAndConsDiscussed - PROS 1 Competitive(attractive...

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