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Characteristics that describe an IT person Tend to be Negative attributes 1. Overweight 2. Not most attractive characters on shows a. Other careers depicted by very attractive actors/actresses 3. Socially awkward 4. Work in isolation 5. Workplaces are small, dark, unappealing, unorganized 6. Quirky appearance 7. Don’t care about their appearance 8. Butt of jokes 9. Disorganized in all aspects (work environment, clothing, etc.) 10. Not responsive to people’s needs 11. Look down on “normal” people (IT crowd phone calls) a. Self-awareness of skills (high level of confidence) 12. Not included in group or in making important decisions
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Brilliance makes them intimidating 14. Boring 15. Not the lead characters 16. They have no life 17. Not grown up (wear pjs, live with mom) 18. Can’t talk to people in normal language (use a lot of acronyms, big words) 19. Have problems finding significant others 20. IT Crowd & Big Bang Theory: Depict that women can’t do IT Positive attributes 1. Brilliant 2. Good with money 3. Always in demand (go to guy) 4. Know how to apply skills to make money, build useful gadgets Other shows to watch 1. Outsource 2. Big Bang Theory...
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110120CharacteristicsThatDescribeAnITPerson - 13....

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