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110329VisionSessionDebriefing - and log back in again 3...

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Vision session debriefing Positives 1. Lydia: good because everyone uses Facebook & it gave them an opp to create something they might actually use 2. Dipti: Result gave a tangible take-away 3. Mitch: Looked like everyone in all of the groups was involved. Everyone was equally involved. a. Using small groups where everyone could be actively involved 4. Niyati: Saw a few groups that wanted to do more than what we gave them a. Dipti: Survey participants to find out how much interest they have in learning more 5. April: Well planned (more so than other departments’ sessions) with written instructions. 6. ARH: The students led the sessions. a. April: The student leaders were knowledgeable of the activity. Area of Improvement 1. April: Would have been nice if they could add it to their own FB account a. Niyati: thought about this, but FB requires all FB users to be 18 & the participants were all minors 2. Niyati: For some of the FB accounts, we weren’t able to get to the quiz…had to log out
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Unformatted text preview: and log back in again. 3. Lydia: One of the PCs rebooted itself, so the group got behind by about ten minutes. 4. April: The whole intro was fine, but if we would have literally walked them thru step-by-step it would have been more clear to the students. 5. April: It would have been nice to put the range of career paths into the activity. 6. Niyati & April: Different activity instead of quiz to learn about the career options OR to require them to meet each other OR divide the work into two parts to have each group do the pieces & then put it together. 7. Mitch: The conclusion could have handled better. After taking the quizzes, review the stats from the developer’s account. 8. ARH: Takes a lot of planning and prep work. 9. ARH: Instructions should have included contact info. Keys for successful session to share IT possibilities with students 1. Should have a balance of presenting all sides of IT 2. Need ideas from the NET side...
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110329VisionSessionDebriefing - and log back in again 3...

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