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Review of Small Basic activity on 4/5/11 Likes Suggestions for improvement 1. The slide with the graph showing the various areas that are part of IT is very helpful to communicating that IT encompasses many things. 1. Add (perhaps through animation) something to show where the activity fits within that graph. 2. Make the content of the topic areas more complete, more clear 3. Make the relationship of the activity to what part of what CIT students can do more clear/accurate 2. The egg activity could be a fun take-away. 4. Niyati suggested using prezi ( http://prezi.com/ ) for ALL OF the presentations 5. Everyone could create a slide that covers the job titles (highlighting the one that’s most relevant to the activity) and salary ranges & placement rates 6. Have a plan to get everyone’s attention at the end (such as show everyone’s final
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Unformatted text preview: products) and then share the career salaries at the end before they do the survey. 3. Timetable included activity and survey 7. Copying and pasting code for second activity may convey the idea that CPT is “copy-paste-technology”. 8. Instead build on the first activity such as create a maze (smaller and smaller boxes) 4. 9. If we divide into groups, can give each group a different shape based off of the original square. 5. 10. It would be helpful to have a small tutorial for the instructors. 6. 11. Setup instructions should not assume that Small Basic is already installed, so copy files to a flash drive for faster installation on each computer. 7. 12. Add contact info to the handout that students could take with them Page 1 of 1...
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