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Review of systems analysis activity on 4/12/11 Likes Suggestions for improvement 1. Activity depicts a job that many students have upon graduation 1. Feature list should be moved to instructions for session leaders 2. Not very “techie” could add more appeal to largely female audiences 2. Put career info in PPT intro OR create a video for CIT like what we have for the college 3. Working in groups to develop common/shared solution strengthens group working skills 3. Add instructions for session leaders on explaining how to determine functional vs non-functional 4. Used paragraph to describe scenario to make the analyst experience more realistic (so students have to pull relevant info from it rather than giving it away via a list of bulleted items) 4. For session leaders, add the text from the
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Unformatted text preview: scenario that helps identify the functional vs nonfunctional features. Perhaps a bulleted list of key items would be helpful. 5. Context of cell phone apps should appeal to 6-12 th grade students. 5. Add guidance on how to determine which non-functional features should stay 6. 6. Reword third question to relate to scenario rather than business objective 7. 7. Need to add take-away: contact info or how to repeat the activity or how to take it further, etc. 8. 8. Add set-up instructions for session leaders 9. 9. What is the optimal group size? 3-4 students What is the maximum number of groups (to determine whether to divide the group and run multiple sessions)? For each group of 30 students, need at least two session leaders 10. 10. Page 1 of 1...
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