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Review of Scratch activity on 4/19/11 Likes Suggestions for improvement 1. Everyone could do it (you didn’t need to know coding before trying the activity) 1. Participants could have worked in teams by assigning unique themes to each group like was done with the Face Book activity 2. Take aways: How to instructions for activity AND instructions on how to get it at home to try again later AND completed Scratch project 2. Should have made sure the sharing part worked (coping to the Scratch website so others could view the animation) 3. Giving away prizes was a good idea 3. Should provide criteria for prize selection 4. Liked having CNIT course subject areas & relevance to real world 4. Add visual elements to communicate the relevance to the real world 5. Applying Dipti’s idea of a graph that
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Unformatted text preview: identifies all of the various areas that make up IT & where this activity fits in that graph 5. Stepping participants through the activity (via the pictures on the slides) was helpful to participants 6. Add contact information to student handout 6. 7. Need to add setup instructions – all of the computers had to be logged in & Scratch needed to be downloaded, installed, and opened. Could have had the files on a Flash drive & copied from there to make set up faster. 7. 8. Instructions for session leaders on what they should do during the activity 8. 9. Could clarify how what they learn in Scratch can lead to what they’ll do in 155 9. 10. Adjust timetable to allow for the survey Page 1 of 1...
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