110421ReviewOfxTraNormalActivity - Review of xtranormal...

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Review of xtranormal activity on 4/21/11 Likes Suggestions for improvement 1. Students engaged in the activity throughout 1. It would have been a good idea to show a demo of creating an animation BEFORE having the students start the activity 2. The activity promoted group interaction 2. Add short presentation about IT careers & tie it in to the activity 3. Liked the end result as something that has potential commercial value (like the Geico commercial) 3. Participant instructions should include screen shots 4. Showed that IT workers can support other business functions (like marketing) 4. Come up with a longer list of scenarios that are easy to understand, apply problem solving, and are related to their interests. The goal should be that there are no or very limited knowledge prereqs for the students. 5. Take-aways – if students logged in to the xtranormal accounts they used, they should be able to view their animations. Handout is a take-away if they create an
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This note was uploaded on 02/21/2012 for the course CNIT 581 taught by Professor Alkaharriger during the Fall '11 term at Purdue University.

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110421ReviewOfxTraNormalActivity - Review of xtranormal...

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