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Comparative - March 6, 2008

Comparative - March 6, 2008 - The nationalist were able to...

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Ben Goodrich Franks criticizes Rowstow and his theories of diffusion. Latin American problem according to franks is not that they are undeveloped it is a problem of underdevelopment and having too much capitalist penetration. They are to supply the metropolis with supplies and cheap labor, and then the metro gives Latin America the goods at inflated prices. The metro has siphoned off the regions wealth. The problem is not that there is not enough, but there is too much! Rowstow: Urban – Good Rural – bad Modern Traditional Franks disagrees saying that one simply provides the other. Ones is the core the other is the periphery. Within the nations of the region the world pattern in replicated! The cities or the major urban areas are the link between the wealth of the metro and the countryside is the satellite. The countryside is not backward and futile, but it is severely exploited by the capitalist system. This also shares similarity with Maoism – Mao tse Tung
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Unformatted text preview: The nationalist were able to eliminate most of the communist party around 1927 what was left were just a few Chinese communist to re-organize. Mao was the leader of this group. Theory if you surround the city from the countryside you choke the urban areas. Mao really stressed this experience on a worldwide area. The developing world is the countryside, and the developed world is the urban areas. Once this has occurred the capitalist world will starve and be ruined. For Mao then the focus was on the countryside, and a very active focus it was. The capitalist world was to dependant on the countryside and was vulnerable to these changes. Lenin 1920s Mao 1940s Franks 1960s There is a common thread that deals with capitalist exploitation of the undeveloped world, and this is why the undeveloped world is undeveloped. If you can have worldwide revolution in the developing world, you choke them off. Economically starve to death....
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Comparative - March 6, 2008 - The nationalist were able to...

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