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Ford Pinto Paper - Lou Raia Paper #1-Utilitarianism In the...

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Lou Raia Paper #1-Utilitarianism In the 1960’s Ford Motor Company decided they needed to build a small automobile to compete with their competitors from overseas. Ford ramped up their engineering department to design and then build the car quicker than usual as they were losing market share and the bosses wanted to stem such losses. Instead of the usual 43 months from beginning of design to production, Ford accomplished their task in 25 months. The car was named the Pinto. Normally Ford would safety test for rear impact collisions prior to producing the vehicle, but because of the quicker production schedule, tests were not done until after production had occurred. Once tests were conducted, the car failed tests because of the placement of the fuel tank in relation to the bumper. It was determined that there was a risk of during a collision that the fuel tank could be puncture and there would be a risk of fire. Please note that at the time the car was in compliance with industry standards and no laws were being broken (Lewis). During testing it was determined that if Ford were to spend on a single part, recall all vehicles, and install, the car would be comparable to its peer vehicles and the danger would be lessened. Ford ran a cost-benefit analysis on the problem and determined it would cost the company more to recall the vehicles already on the road than it would to deal with any lawsuits from injuries or deaths that might occur from the issue. Ford also chose to not change the design or add the part to future year model Pintos. “Allowing the accidents to occur represented a net
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Ford Pinto Paper - Lou Raia Paper #1-Utilitarianism In the...

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