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Ruth Ann Raia ENC 1102-11942 Shari Koopman WA 1 10/2/2011 Miss Emily’s Control of a Town Throughout Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”, Miss Emily conducts herself as if the money and status of the family never changes and her place is secure to do as she pleases. Miss Emily spends her youth and first decade of adulthood under the grip of her father. From the moment of his death until her own, Miss Emily exerts her own authority of not only day to day living for herself, but how the people of her town interact with her, and more importantly for the setting of the story, how they regard her reputation. She does not mind being seen as odd or out of touch as long as her standing in the community and family name is respected. The first example of her newly gained power occurs upon her father’s passing. The news of his passing has spread within the town and ladies come to pay their respects. Oddly, she claims he is not dead and is able to hold off doctors, the ladies, and clergymen for three days before giving in and allowing them to take his body under the threat of the legal authorities. (Faulkner, par. 27). The citizens of the town mistake this action as grief and do not see it as the first of many manipulations to come from Miss Emily Grierson. Later in life, the same tax issue comes up and Emily ignores it, almost daring the local authorities to question her rights as she
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A Rose for Emily - Ruth Ann Raia ENC 1102-11942 Shari...

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