Assignment 5 Writing the Draft Proposal

Assignment 5 Writing the Draft Proposal - Setting up Spell...

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The results of last week's quiz were were Fantastic. This week we will write the DRAFT Proposal for Research. Outcomes for Week 6 are: 1) Use an outline as a guide to write a document. a) Your outline is not “chiseled in stone”; as you write, if you discover the need to add topics/subtopics—add them. 2) Write a document using APA mechanics of style. a) At this point, you have used the APA Manual to locate rules and have some experience with applying them. For this assignment, use the Grammar and Style Check in Word to locate errors and revise those errors before submitting your document. (See Week 1 Additional Activities:
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Unformatted text preview: Setting up Spell and Grammar Check in Word 2007.) TIP: Set AutoCorrect and many errors (spacing, comma usage, spelling, etc) will be corrected for you. Remember, you are writing a document in a formal style--the Week 4 presentation provides the basic "Do's" and "Don't's" for formal writing. Suggestion: Before beginning to write the DRAFT Proposal, review the following materials along with the Week 6 material. 1. Punctuation and Numerals in APA Documents (Week 1) 2. Presentation: APA Mechanics and Style (Week 4) 3. Presentation: Paragraph Development (Week 4) You are all progressing well; keep up the good work....
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