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Assignment 4 Outline for Research Proposal Developing an outline will help organize the various sections of your Research Proposal. As you review the sample guide for an outline (pages 2-3 of this document), notice that there are five sections. You have already completed three of those sections in previous assignments: (1) Problem Statement, (2) Research Questions, and (3) Reference list. You can simply copy and paste these previously completed sections (with revisions, if needed) into your outline; then complete the remaining portions of the outline. Important: Give thought to how you will organize and present your literature in the outline. Then, to make this section of the outline useful when you actually begin to write your proposal—use complete sentences and citations in the outline. Think of each sentence as being the topic sentence of a paragraph (notice the sample format on pages 2-3). Instructions: 1. Use the sample guide on pages 2-3 to prepare an outline for your research proposal. 2. Submit your document for grading on the due date. The rubric for assessing this assignment is on page 4 of this document.
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Outline for Research Proposal [Title of Research Proposal] I Problem Statement and Introduction Insert your Problem Statement from Assignment 2 Write a brief introduction to your problem history/background of the problem (use complete sentences) scope of the problem (exactly what element/segment of the problem will be researched; use complete sentences) significance of the problem (what or who will benefit)
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Assignment4 - Assignment 4 Outline for Research Proposal...

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