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Rubric for grading Assignment 5: Maximum Points = 20 Student’s Name: Excellent (2) Good (1) Must Revise (0) Points Format (page, line, paragraph) Correct use of APA margins, line spacing, indents Less than 3 formatting errors More than 3 formatting errors Excellent (3) Good (2) Must Revise (1) Points APA writing style Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, active voice, third person. No use of clichés, colloquialisms, or jargon 5 or less writing style errors More than 5 writing style errors Excellent (3) Good (2) Must Revise (1) Points APA documentation (citations & reference list APA style used correctly for in-text citations and in reference list. Each reference was cited in the text. References met the quantity (8) and age (5 years or less) requirement. References were from credible sources (no magazines, newspapers, or personal websites). 5 or less punctuation or formatting errors in citations and reference list. References met requirements for quantity (8) and age (5 years or less) requirement. Reference were from
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