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Robert L. Baxley Assignment 2 Problem (Thesis) Statement Utilizing standardized MIS processes, tools, techniques and procedures which has been widely developed and tested in Developed Economies should be the basis for which local country nationals in the developing world are trained and mentored to affect a positive outcome for implementing successful projects. Reference List Sakthivel, S. (2007, April). Managing risk in offshore systems development. Communications of the ACM , Vol. 50 (No. 4) Li, Y., Wang, L., Liu, Y. (2011). Organizational learning, product quality and performance: The moderating effect of social ties in Chinese cross-border outsourcing. International Journal of Production Research , 49 (1), pp. 159-182. Nan, X. (2010). Organizational learning, intellectual capital synergies and firm value creation. ICAMS 2010 – Proceedings of 2010 IEEE International Conference of Advanced Management Science 1 , art. No. 555113, pp. 544-548.
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