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BaxleyR_Assignment3_MMIS525 (2)

BaxleyR_Assignment3_MMIS525 (2) - improvement that could be...

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Robert L. Baxley Assignment 3 Problem Statement Research Questions : o How are nationals in a developing country currently trained to perform technical management functions? o Is mentoring a widely practiced concept? o Are the current training programs effective? These questions will serve to identify current best practices and areas that are candidates for process change / improvement. Purpose Statement : (Transformative Concurrent Mixed Methods Purpose Statement) With this study I hope to contribute to the general understanding of the technical management practices which are currently in wide use in developing countries and identify areas for possible
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Unformatted text preview: improvement that could be used to increase effectiveness and outcomes of a project. The aim of this Thesis is to study the importance of training programs, technical management processes and mentoring programs for insights in to understanding best practices and areas for process improvement. Two studies using subjects from North Africa, the Middle Eastern region and Asian Sub-Continent will be used to do this, a survey study and a qualitative interview study....
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