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Assignment 3 Developing Research Questions and a Purpose Statement In Assignment 1, you selected a topic to research and decided how you would approach that topic (argumentative paper, case study, or a research paper with applied project). In assignment 2, you developed a problem statement for your proposal and completed a literature search for information related to your topic. In this assignment, you will prepare a set of research questions and a purpose statement for your problem statement. The first task is to prepare 3-4 questions that your research will answer. Research questions are important because they 1. provide the researcher with a focus in choosing relevant literature—questions may have been answered in previously published research—other researchers may still be searching for the answers 2. keep the researcher “on topic” as he/she organizes information sources and begins to write the proposal 3. provide the reader with a sense of what elements of the problem will be
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BaxleyR_Rubric_3 - Assignment 3 Developing Research...

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