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I believe the size of the non-profit organization is quite small and each employee and volunteer will receive an identical survey which I have posted below. I would obfuscate what the survey would be used for so that the subjects will be less likely to conscious or subconsciously affect the end results. As for the delivery of the survey, I would rely on an survey to be given at the organizations office so that all the results can be entered in a consistent fashion, tallied quickly and to reduce possible errors. Survey: Instructions: Due to a required yearly update with the Human Resources Department, please fill- in each blank, select your answer below and submit the following survey by close of business Friday. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Name: ______________________________ ID/Badge Number: ____________________ 1. Your Age: _____________________ 2. Sex: Male ( ) Female ( ) 3. Married: Yes (
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Unformatted text preview: ) No ( ) 4. Children: Yes ( ) No ( ) | If you selected ‘Yes’, how many children under 18: ________ 5. Current Educational Level: ( ) High School ( ) Some College ( ) Undergraduate Degree ( ) Graduate Degree ( ) PhD 6. Are you currently seeking or interested in obtaining a university degree: Yes ( ) No ( ) 7. If you selected ‘Yes’ in question 6, please enter the university name and degree level which you are seeking: _________________________________________________ 8. If you sought additional educations, would you prefer an Online ( ) or a Campus ( ) based educational program. 9. What is your average commute time each day: ___________________________ 10. Would you be interested in working from home: Yes ( ) No ( ) Thank you for your participation in this survey. Please do not forget to submit it to HR prior to the end of the week....
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