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Research Questions and Purpose Statement Objectives By the end of this lesson students should be able to: Develop a set of research questions based on a given problem statement. Write a purpose statement that clearly states the intended outcome(s) of proposed research. Introduction In Week 1, students selected a topic for research and decided how they intended to approach the topic. Then in Week 2, students wrote a problem statement for their topic and performed a literature search to locate credible information sources related to their topics. This week’s task will involve writing research questions to which the student believes he/she needs answers. Then, the student will develop a purpose statement that communicates the outcome of his/her research
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Unformatted text preview: efforts. Assignments: 1. Lecture (with notes)- Research Questions and Purpose Statement 2. Read The Purpose Statement: Chapter 6, Creswell 3. Read Research Questions: Chapter 7, Creswell Research Questions: (limit 4) Related to the problem statement Answerable answers are not necessarily proof What purpose will the questions serve? Purpose Statement: Significance (importance of the problem) Why do we want answers to our questions? What do we intend to do with those answers? Scope (Parameters of the problem) Is the problem internal, external or both? Who/what is being affected by the problem? Purpose statement example The researcher intends to develop an efficient and effective training program for the supervisors and staff in Department X....
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