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Chapter 2 - Research Paper Outline - Robert Baxley

Chapter 2 - Research Paper Outline - Robert Baxley - c...

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Outline - Draft I. Introduction – Many of today’s workers, myself included, perform much of their work remotely at client sites, while traveling or while working from their home. I will present the pros and cons of utilizing these technologies as part of a company’s overall strategic plan to increase productivity by keeping workers connected to the home office. a. The ability to support mobile and remote workers is becoming important for organizations. b. Access using multiple devices and operating systems c. Access using various divergent wireless connection technology d. Security e. Viability II. Impact to Industry – The use of wireless technologies will allow for new or enhances opportunities for enterprises. These technologies can be used to fundamentally transform an organization. a. Increased productivity b. Greater physical mobility and flexibility.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Workers can work from home reducing office space requirements d. Increase worker retention at low or no cost e. Possible compliance issues if in a regulated industry III. Trends in Industry – Given the current economic uncertainty enterprises are aggressively looking for ways to lower costs, increase productivity and keep current employees without increasing salary levels or keeping any salary increase to a minimum. a. Wider deployments of high-speed wireless throughout the US and much of the world using 3G, 4G and Wi-Max/LTE technologies. b. Cloud technologies make enterprise data and applications available across an increasing variety of devices and operating systems (device and OS agnostic). c. Hot-spot availability d. Heterogeneous access. Devices seamlessly access different technologies as required....
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