Chapter 2 - Thinking Critically Robert Baxley

Chapter 2 - Thinking Critically Robert Baxley - few decades...

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Please answer the following questions in a Word document and submit when finished. There are at least two approaches to system development, a variety of life cycles, and a long list of techniques and models that are used in some approaches but not in others. Consider why this is so. Discuss these possible reasons: The field is so young, the technology changes so fast, different organizations have such different needs, there are so many different types of systems, and people with widely different backgrounds are developing software. ANSWER: I don’t think the reason there are so many different techniques and methodologies is due to field being young because software, software development and project planning has been around for a
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Unformatted text preview: few decades now or the fact that there are diverse systems and people. I believe this because regardless of the people and types of systems the methodologies and techniques can be used and modified across the entire field. However I do believe that the processes are maturing and that different organization develop and use different techniques and methodologies due to several reasons; the primary of which are the organization’s needs, the customer’s requirements, maturity level of the organization & processes and the organizations focus & risk tolerance....
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