chapter 3 notes - What are the main steps followed when...

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What are the main steps followed when solving a problem? ------ Research and understand the problem. Verify benefits of solving problem outweigh the costs Define the requirements for solving the problem Develop a set of possible solutions (alternatives) Decide which solution is best and recommend Define the details of the chosen solution Implement the solution Monitor to ensure desired results Define information system. ------ Information systems is a collection of interrelated components that collect, process, store, and provide as output the information needed to complete business tasks What are the types of information systems found in most organizations? ------ Customer relationship management systems Knowledge management system Accounting and financial management system Collaboration support system Business intelligence system Human resource management system Manufacturing management system Supply chain management system List the six fundamental technologies an analyst needs to understand. ------ Computers / peripheral devices (hardware) Files and database systems Input and output components and alternatives Computer networks and protocols Programming languages, operating systems, and utilities Communication and collaboration technology List five types of techniques used during system development. ------ Project planning Cost/benefit Interviewing Requirements modelling Architectural design What are some of the things an analyst needs to understand about businesses and organizations in general? ------ Analyst must understand Business functions performed by organization,
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Strategies, plans, traditions, and values of the organization, Organizational structure, Organization management techniques, and Functional work processes. What are the five phases of the SDLC ------ Project planning Analysis Design Implementation Support. What characteristics of a project call for a predictive approach to the SDLC? What characteristics of a project call for an adaptive approach to the SDLC? ------ If the requirements are well understood and well defined then predictive SDLC would be the best method. If the
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chapter 3 notes - What are the main steps followed when...

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