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1.) Using iterative development makes the project schedule more complex because the project plan will have several of iterations and phases. This means that a change in any prior phase or a slippage of any phase will cause majors changes to the project schedule. 2.) Describe the types of feasibility used to evaluate a project. ------ Risk management – Is it worth it Organizational and cultural feasibility - New system must fit into culture Technological feasibility - Does system stretch state-of-the-art technology Schedule feasibility - Management deadlines may not be realistic Resource feasibility – Do you have the people and equipment etc Economic feasibility – What is the Cost/benefit analysis 3.) The purpose is to examine each area of the project to determine development costs, determine the costs of ongoing operations, sources of benefits, determine the intangibles and the source of
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Unformatted text preview: funds to ensure that all parts of the projects are viable to determine whether or not the project is feasible. 4.) The difference between the two is that tangible benefits can be define and measured while intangible costs and benefits do not have a reliable way to calculate the costs or benefit. Intangible costs and benefits are not included in cost/benefit analysis. 5. List at least four sources of development costs. 1.) Salaries and wages 2.) Equipment and installation 3.) Software and licenses 4.) Consulting fees and payments to 3rd parties 5.) Training 6.) Facilities 7.) Utilities and goods 8.) Support staff 9.) Travel and Misc. Costs 6.) The critical path is a sequence of tasks that cannot be delayed without causing the project to be complete late....
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