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Chapter 5 - Thinking Critically (Part II) - Robert Baxley

Chapter 5 - Thinking Critically (Part II) - Robert Baxley -...

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Consider the domain model class diagram (page 197) college, department, and faculty Chapter 5 Page 3 members. Please upload your file below when finished. What kind of “relationships” are shown in the model? How many attributes does a "faculty member" have? Which (if any) have been inherited from another class? If you add information about one college, one department, and four faculty members,
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Unformatted text preview: how many objects are added to the system? ANSWER : 1.) One and only one, one or more (mandatory) – twice and zero or more (optional) 2.) There are five attributes for ‘faculty member’. One (office phone) is inherited from another class (Department) 3.) Six; 1 department, 1 college and the 4 faculty members...
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