Chapter 7 - Case Study - Robert Baxley

Chapter 7 - Case Study - Robert Baxley - diagram in Figure...

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Case Study: Rethinking Rocky Mountain Outfitters Instructions: Read case on page 277 of the text.  Note: You only need to  Use Case: Figure 5-12 (page 170) # 2. Customer Places an order Sequence Diagram: Figure 7-5 (page 246) - refer to "Order-entry subsystem" for solution. Note: File should be in Microsoft Visio format The event table for RMO is shown in Figure 5-16. Based on this event table, the use case 
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Unformatted text preview: diagram in Figure 7-5 was developed. The chapter illustrates detailed models (activity and system sequence diagrams) for Create new order. Using the information provided in the RMO case descriptions and the figures in the book (Figure 5-16 and 7-5), develop a fully developed use case description and system sequence diagram for (2) Create order return....
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