Chapter 14 - Thinking Critically - Robert Baxley

Chapter 14 - Thinking Critically - Robert Baxley -...

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Please answer the following questions in a Word document and upload when  finished. Read through the following dialog, which shows a user trying to place an order with the  system. Critique the dialog in terms of ease of learning and ease of use. User:  I want to order a product.  System:  Okay. Enter your name and address. User:  My name is Timothy Mudd, 5139 North Center Street, Los Angeles, CA 98210. System:  Oh, we have all of that information on file, but thank you for entering it in again. User:  I want to order the Acme Drill Press with adjustable belt drive. System:  Sure, continue with your request. User:  I want the blue color and rubber feet but not the foot brake. System:  Sure, anything else? User:  I want it shipped priority with the special discount you offer. System:  We hear you. User:  Okay, that’s all. System:  We are sorry but your transaction violated transaction code 312, and we must 
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Unformatted text preview: terminate the session. Answer : For me, the dialog is not always clear, asks redundant information and terminates the session with a cryptic code. I also think that the script is faily easy to use other than the transaction code. I would change the dialog to the following: User: I want to order a product. System: OK, please enter your username/password User: My username/password is… System: Thank you; we have all of your shipping, billing and payment information on file. System: Please continue with your order User: I want the blue color and rubber feet but not the foot brake. System: OK, anything else? User: I want it shipped priority with the special discount you offer. System: OK User: Okay, that’s all. System: We are sorry but your transaction violate transaction code 312 (item not available at this time), please select another color or item....
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