Chapter 17 test - 1 Marks:5

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1 Marks: 5 What are the four UP phases, and what is the objective of each? 1.) Inception. Develop and approximate vision of the system, make the business case, define the scope and produce rough estimates for the cost and schedule. 2.) Elaboration. Define the vision, identify an d describe all requirements, finalize the scope, design and implement the core architecture an functions, resolve high risks and produce realistic estimates for cost and schedule. 3.) Construction. Iteratively implement the remaining lower-risk, predictable, and easier elements and prepare for deployment. 4.) Transition. Complete the beta test and deployment so users have a working system and are ready to benefit as expected. 2 Marks: 5 What are the six UP development disciplines? 1.) Business modeling 2.) Requirements 3.) Design 4.) Implementation 5.) Testing 6.) Deployment 3 Marks: 5 What are the three UP support disciplines? 1.) Configuration and Change Management
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Chapter 17 test - 1 Marks:5

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