Quiz - Chapters 4 & 5

Quiz - Chapters 4 & 5 - 1 Marks:5

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1 Marks: 5 List and briefly describe the role of two types of users who will be involved in investigating  system requirements 1.) Horizontal users - Business departments or functions. 2.) Vertical users - information needs or requirements of clerical staff, middle management and senior executives. 2 Marks: 5 List and briefly describe three of the eight types of requirements? 1.) Question themes – obtain and prepare a comprehensive list of all the business processes 2.) Review existing reports, form and procedure descriptions – internal and external sources of information 3.) Conduct interviews and discussions with users – meet with individuals or groups of users to understand business functions and rules 4.) Observe and document business processes – Observe users directly to document the processes that are observed. 5.) Build prototypes – an initial working model of a larger more complex entity 6.) Distribute and collect questionnaires – sent to various stakeholders to obtain preliminary
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Quiz - Chapters 4 & 5 - 1 Marks:5

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