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RMO strategic information systems plan

RMO strategic information systems plan - requirements Since...

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What are some other changes that you might make to the RMO strategic information systems plan (both the applications architecture plan and the technology architecture plan)? Discuss ANSWER: Since RMO is in the business of selling winter sports gear and not a technology company as their core expertise, they may want to consider moving their infrastructure and supporting software (CSS, supply chain management, HR and so forth) in to a cloud based solution or even fully outsourced to a specialized company who has the expertise to efficiently implement, manage, maintain and upgrade these systems on an ongoing basis. It is obvious given the age of their current systems and lack of processes and procedures that the company does not have the in-house resources necessary to keep up with rapid technology changes and evolving business and user
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Unformatted text preview: requirements. Since there are several vendor based solutions that can customize their COTS solution to meet individual business requirements, it would likely reduce cost and potential issues with software and database compatibilities over developing an in-house custom CSS solution that will need to integrate with other off-the-shelf solutions. By moving to a outsourced or cloud based managed services type of solution, the company will be able to focus on their core competencies and have the ability rapidly change their systems to meet evolving business and customer demand. Metrics can be developed and monitored to insure their chosen solution provider meet the companies’ specified requirements and contractual obligations....
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