Robert Baxley - MIS-530-76-201210 - Chapter 1 Thinking Critically

Robert Baxley - MIS-530-76-201210 - Chapter 1 Thinking Critically

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Unformatted text preview: What is the difference between technical skills and business skills? Explain how a computer science graduate might be strong in one area and weak in another. Discuss how the preparation for a CIS or MIS degree is different from the preparation for a computer science degree. ANSWER : Technical skills pertain to specific knowledge of technical systems such as computer systems, telecommunications systems and software design while business skills are those skills which are used in a business setting such as interpersonal skills, negotiations, networking, strategy and planning. Many computer science graduates that I have known are solely focused on technical knowledge and applications which tend to make them weak on the business side. From my experience they lack the social and networking skills which would make them more successful and useful in a business setting. Preparing for an MIS degree is different that preparing for a computer science degree in that the MIS degree focuses more on utilizing...
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