Robert Baxley - MIS-530-76-201210 - Chapter 3 - Case Study

Robert Baxley - MIS-530-76-201210 - Chapter 3 - Case Study...

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Case Study: Rethinking Rocky Mountain Outfitters Instructions: Follow instructions on page 114 of the text. You may use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word to build the table Project Risk Type of Risk Probability of Risk Steps to alleviate risk Scope Change Economic Medium Scope Creep Economic Medium Inadequate training Organizational High Management Relationship Organizational Low Meet with management on a regular basis Legal, Organizational High Incompatable software Technological Medium Incompatable hardware Technological Medium Poor in-house coordination Organizational Low Personel changes Organizational Medium Product knowledge Organizational High Project complexity Schedule High Project visability Organizational Low Project failure High Poorly defined scope Schedule Medium Hardware Integration Technological Low Software Integration Technological Medium Facilities preperation Organizational High Project dependancies Schedule Medium Improper Cost Estimates Organizational Low review budget with all affected departments
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