Exam1 - Physics 53 Exam 1 Spring 2011 Name: _ Section: _...

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Physics 53 Spring 2011 Exam 1 Name: ____________________________________________ Recitation Section: ____ I certify that I have abided by the rules and the spirit of the Duke Community Standard. Sign:________________________________________________________ *** PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS *** Remember to put your name, recitation sections, and sign the pledge below. Use of notes or any other resources is not allowed. You may refer to the equation sheet that is attached to this exam. You may only use the calculators provided by the physics department. You must answer all 5 multiple choice questions (4 points each). You must answer 2 out of 3 problems (20 points each) . If you attempt all 3 problems, your 2 best answers will be applied to you total score. Use g=10.0 m/s 2 for the acceleration due to gravity. There is no partial credit for multiple choice questions. You must show your work for solutions to the problems . No work = no credit. Please record your answers (A-D) to the muliple choice questions here. MC1________ MC2________ MC3________ MC4________ MC5________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ [To be filled in by grader:]
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MC________ P1________ P2________ P3________ Total:________ Multiple Choice Questions (4 points each) 1. A train is travelling north at 20 km/h. A plane attempts to fly 20 km/h in a direction 30
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Exam1 - Physics 53 Exam 1 Spring 2011 Name: _ Section: _...

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