geo test 2

geo test 2 - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A stable slope does not...

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A stable slope does not change over time 2. overloading of a slope is not often the result of human action 3. vegetation increases the shear strength of a slope materials 4. most large mass movements can be prevented given sufficient study and planning 5. slope stability can be increased by diverting water from the slope 6. groundwater supply demands have resulted in increased pollution but no lack of supply 7. the majority of Earth’s usable fresh water comes from lakes rivers, streams 8. by def. the porosity of rocks sediments consists of pore spaces between particles and grains 9. the zone of saturation extends to an indefinite depth 10. water may move upward against the force of gravity 11. subsidence can occur as the result of extraction of oil 12. Mass wasting does NOT occur on a. Unstable material b. Near level slopes c. Steep slopes d. Gradual slopes e. All of the above 13. all other factors being equal, the chance of mass wasting is increased by: a. the amount of water involved b. the lack of friction on the slope c. angle of slope d. kind of event which irritates the mass wasting e. whether there exists a positive or negative gravity anomaly 14. mass wasting is more likely to occur in a. acid warm regions b. humid tropical regions c. artic regions d. temperate regions e. acid cold regions 15. among the types of slides are: a. slumps b. block glides c. mudflows d. a and b e. all of above 16. mudflows are particularly common in climates which are a. humid warm b. temperate c. arid to semi arid d. cool e. very rainy 17. Which of the following characteristics might suggest a piece of property is susceptible to mass wasting? a.
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geo test 2 - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A stable slope does not...

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