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Appendix E US/101 Version 5 1 Associate Level Material Appendix E Collaboration Worksheet Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions: What are the advantages of having diversity in a collaborative learning environment? There are many advantages to having a diverse learning environment. Different perspectives, when applied to reaching solutions, can increase problem-solving skills. Positive relationships, between people from different backgrounds, can be increased through working together to achieve a common goal, if there is respect, appreciation, and a commitment to equality held by everyone involved. Another benefit of this work environment is the decreasing of stereotyping and prejudice through collaborative contact. For people with a closed upbringing and a narrow view of the world, working with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds can greatly develop a deeper understanding of the many different types of viewpoints that other people may have.
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us101_r5_appendix_e_collaboration_worksheet - Appendix E...

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