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Running head: SEVEN ORGANIZATIONAL APPROACHES 1 Seven Organizational Approaches Kristen Ortiz HCA/220 December 4, 2011 Lea Dodge
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SEVEN ORGANIZATIONAL APPROACHES 2 Seven Organizational Approaches There are seven organizational approaches to studying the human body. Each are important to understand the complex systems and workings of the human body, The seven organizational approaches are body planes and direction, body cavities, quadrants and regions, anatomy and physiology, microscopic-to-macroscopic, body systems, and medical specialty. Besides the importance of just understanding the human body each can be used when applying knowledge to practical use in the health care industry. Body planes and direction approach is the division of the body into sections from front to back, right and left, and top to bottom by the use of the midsaggital plane, coronal plane, and the transverse plane. This is addition to movement away from or towards these planes. This approach is often used in describing what is happening in the body and where. For example when a patient enter the emergency room and describing pain or an injury, the health care professional can document and relay information in a more precise way to others important to the patients care. It is also useful when reading important scans like a CAT scan which provides
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