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MANA3320syllabus1-spring12ssec002 (2) - UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS...

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UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON MANA 3320-002 Human Resources Instructor: Jeanne Michalski, Ph. D. Phone: 817-272-3864 (best way to reach me) Office : COBA 606 Monday and Wednesday 10:00 – 10:45 Location: Monday – Wednesday – Friday 11:00 - 11:50 a.m. COBA 153 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is an introduction to human resources in the modern corporation. The material describes the human resource function along with the theory and research that support the actual practices. The course draws from many disciplines and includes the dynamics of various individual, group, and organizational processes. In addition to learning the theory and topics of human resource management through readings and classroom lecture, this course will require you to participate and model some of the situations and behaviors we will discuss in class including interviewing, salary negotiations and conducting performance evaluations. The course material is not only useful for working in human resource departments. At some point in your career, your ability to succeed is likely to depend on your ability to recruit, develop and evaluate others. Ultimately, the tools and skills developed in this course should equip you to obtain a job, plan a career, and become more effective contributors to businesses regardless of which department you join. COURSE OBJECTIVES Understand the role of human resource managers in organizations. Demonstrate practical skills in writing job descriptions, interviewing, and conducting performance evaluations and be able to identify : 1. how KSAs are used for employee selection, 2. the type of validation used for a given selection technique 3. the type of job evaluation utilizing particular techniques Appreciate the legal environment for employers in such areas as hiring, promotion, and dismissal; and specifically be able to identify the protected classes covered by the Civil Rights Act. Apply theory to the design of various types of employee development, training, and performance evaluation programs. 1. identify different training and development methods 2. identify the appropriate training technique for learning a particular task. 1
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Identify the three most important bargaining issues for union members. Learn concepts and approaches that will enable you to align appropriate HR practices with firm
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MANA3320syllabus1-spring12ssec002 (2) - UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS...

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