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3320_study guide test 1(1)

3320_study guide test 1(1) - Hostile work environment Age...

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MANA 3320 Human Resources Study Guide #1 HR and Corporate Strategy Mission, Vision, and Values Business strategy/value creation Differentiation Low cost provider Competitive Challenges and HR Influence of Technology in HR Human Capital Cost containment Business strategies HR strategy Change Management HRIS systems HR Competency Model Legal Environment Equal Pay Act 1963 Title VII Civil Rights Act of 1964 Protected classes Disparate treatment vs. adverse impact Requirements for prima facie Acceptable defenses for discriminatory practices Four-fifths rule Equal Opportunity vs. Affirmative Action Civil Rights Act of 1991 Immigration Reform and Control Act I9 Affirmative Action analyses Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Job relatedness Business necessity Sexual harassment Definition of harassment and types of harassment HR manager’s responsibilities How to defend sexual harassment charge
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Unformatted text preview: Hostile work environment Age Discrimination act of 1967 Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 Griggs vs. Duke Power -- adverse impact Business case for diversity HR Planning and Recruiting Strategic planning – human resources planning Environmental scanning Forecasting Techniques for forecasting labor demand Qualitative and Quantitative Trend analysis Budgeting Techniques for forecasting labor supply Staffing Tables Markov analysis External supply Reconciling supply and demand Measuring a firms strategic alignment Job Design Job descriptions Essential job functions Job specifications KSA’s Position vs job Job Analysis Job enrichment vs. Job specialization Job characteristics theory Employee empowerment Work groups and types of teams Hackman and Oldman’s job characteristics model...
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