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Assertiveness Paper MBA 525 - Assertiveness 1 Running head...

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Assertiveness 1 Running head: ASSERTIVENESS Assertiveness in Professional and Personal Life Nanine Barnes MBA 525 Saint Leo University Saint Leo, Florida
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Assertiveness 2 Assertion can take shape in many different ways. The determining factor on if it is a positive or negative trait can be traced back to whether you are the one asserting influence or are under the influence of an overly assertive person. The level in which one chooses to assert influence on colleagues, clients, friends or even family will alter the way they interact with you. It is always important to be aware of how you are being perceived and strive to find balance as not coming across as overbearing or apathetic. The research in this paper will explore the challenges one might face in attempting to reach this balance in both professional and personal life. Assertion plays a major role in people’s lives from birth. While one may grow to become less assertive in their later years, everyone is persistent and assertive at birth. Manuel Smith makes a very interesting thought on assertion in newborn babies and infants. In his book, When I Say No, I Feel Guilty , he comments on how babies are persistent and assertive in telling people when they are displeased or uncomfortable in any way, shape or form by crying or whining. As soon as one is ready to crawl, babies would crawl anywhere they wished or wanted to explore (Smith, 1975, p. 14). Assertiveness used in a business environment has its pros and cons. Upper management may view an assertive individual as someone who can hold a leadership role and can effectively lead a group to accomplish the tasks or projects at hand. At times, professionals may be challenged to complete a task due to the fact that their manager is not assertive in providing the information needed or convey the urgency or importance of the project at hand. It is important to know and understand how to communicate
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Assertiveness Paper MBA 525 - Assertiveness 1 Running head...

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