Conflict Resolution and Counseling Paper MBA 525

Conflict Resolution and Counseling Paper MBA 525 - Conflict...

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Conflict 1 Running head: CONFLICT Conflict Resolution and Counseling in the Workforce Nanine Barnes MBA 525 Saint Leo University Saint Leo, Florida
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In all facets of life, conflicts and the need to remedy them, are unavoidable. This can exist between two individuals, companies involved in litigation, or even countries seeking help from international organizations such as the United Nations. The common denominator between all these examples is the need for outside intervention to mitigate the issues between the disputed parties. Demonstrating the need to provide professional conflict resolution, an entire industry and educational track has been created to intervene in these arenas. At one point or another, conflicts will arise between coworkers. It is best to have policies and procedures established by companies to help overcome these issues. It is also important to have effective management that exhibits strong leadership qualities and has the ability to resolve situations prior to them escalating into more serious issues. Strong communication skills and a fair, but direct level of assertiveness, are also a must for a supervisor to help resolve conflict between employees. The first step in addressing conflict resolution is to identify the source of the issue and the parties involved. According to Dr. Joe Pace in The Workplace: Interpersonal Strengths and Leadership the most common form of conflict is due to lack of respect. Recognizing these causes of conflict can come in the form of complaining, being lazy and being judgmental (p. 65, 2006). As a leader in the business world, it is important to fine tune your intrapersonal skills to indentify when this issues arise. An experienced leader will act fast to resolve the conflict before it spreads throughout the department like a contagious disease. A conflict can be brought to a manager’s attention by coworkers who witnessed the incident or management may notify a supervisor of a certain conflict. It is important to keep in mind that not all conflict is necessary confrontational or hostile.
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Conflict Resolution and Counseling Paper MBA 525 - Conflict...

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