all dq's psy 265 - Week 2 DQ #1 It is never easy discussing...

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Week 2 DQ #1 It is never easy discussing sex with an adolescent it brings up an awkward kind of feeling for both the parent and child. I think the good thing about bringing it up is starting a conversation and being able to relate to the adolescent. The sooner the talk happens the better. The way I would tell my adolescent is that it is normal to feel that way and they should wait as long as humanly possible to act on it. I would let them know that their brain is releasing neurochemicals into their body that is making the sexual hormones come out and that is why they are feeling this way. I would want them to know there is nothing wrong with feeling that way because if they think something is wrong with feeling that way the parent is the last one they are going to talk to. Opening up about sex with adolescents is especially difficult when you don't have a good relationship with them. Week 2 DQ #2; Due: Day 4 When a couple that has been together for years because they lose communication, spark is gone, they become in a routine and get bored of each other. This happens a lot in society due to the fact we have new ways of communicating such as email, text, and media sites. I think that lack of sexual interest and mental causes, as well as physical causes might be a part of it. The physical cause might be that they do not look the same they did 10 years ago e.g. Weight gain or something else. Mental causes might be emotions from things that happen in the 10 years like loss of a family member. Sexual interest might decrease when your with the same person for 10 years. Using your senses to enhance and increase sexual relationship would be find new things outside of what they do to break out of the routine that they are in. DQ #1 Week 4 It sounds like there is a problem with communication problem in this relationship. Joe may not want to deal with Jill's problems because he is worried about possibly having to help her out finically and he may not want to or may not be able to afford to help her. If Jill feels different about Joe sexually
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all dq's psy 265 - Week 2 DQ #1 It is never easy discussing...

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