checkpoint week 1 psy 265 - ovary it starts the...

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Running head: THE SPERM AND THE EGG 1 The Sperm and the Egg Psychology 265
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THE SPERM AND THE EGG 2 The Sperm and the Egg The sperm is created in the testes which are also referred to as ‘nuts’ and ‘balls’ but those terms are vulgar, which the egg is fertilized in the uterus. The vas deferens and the fallopian tube are kind of the same thing for men and woman, the vas deferens stores mature sperm and the fallopian tube helps the egg on the way to the uterus. Females have two ovaries which are about 1 ½ inches long and they produce eggs, hormones, and progesterone. Men have the seminal vesicles are behind the bladder and they open ejaculatory ducts and they combine with the sperm. Millions of sperm is a cell and it travels from the penis to the vagina but only one sperm can make it. The rest of the sperm dies off. But once that one sperm makes to the
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Unformatted text preview: ovary it starts the fertilization process which last for around nine months. The body is an amazing process when it comes to the sperm and the egg. It is really fascinating that it can take the sperm as little as 30 minutes or 48 hours (assuming that they are still alive) to reach the egg. The reason it takes so many sperm to fertilize one egg is because the sperm must cary the Y chromosome. I just watched a video on that shows the whole process and to me it looked like they were helping the sperm with the y chromosome into the egg, almost like they were on the same team. It makes me wonder if sperm are team players? Also I wonder why millions of sperm are released and why that many or even produced or if it takes energy away from the man producing the sperm? None if these questions were in the book....
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checkpoint week 1 psy 265 - ovary it starts the...

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