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week 4 styles of love assignment - Both of my stories start...

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Running head: STYLES OF LOVE 1 Styles of Love Psychology 265 University of Phoenix
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STYLES OF LOVE 2 Styles of Love Mike and Diane met through mutual friends at a house warming party for the first time. Love at first sight, it was an amazing feeling. Mike feels he has met the woman of his dreams, Diane is perfect and Mike thinks about her all the time. They decide to have sex the first night they meet because they feel they are perfect for each other. Mike can’t wait to see Diane again and can’t imagine being with anyone else. Mike and Diane meet at a BBQ for the first time, Mike watches her play with the children and wonders if she is that good with the all the time. He wonders what her parents would think of him and if they are nice? He thinks she looks smart and wonders if she goes to school or works. Mike wonders who Diane’s friends are and what hobbies she has. This is logical love Mike is trying to determine if Diane has potential with him before committing to her.
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Unformatted text preview: Both of my stories start with attraction to another person and both have intimacy. Both are lacking commitment in the beginning. With infatuation, many times the relationship does not turn into anything other than sexual encounters. Logical love also lacks commitment at the beginning. With this type of love, the person is deciding what kind of potential the other partner will have in their relationship before committing to them I believe that consummate love has been the case for my past relationships because I am 25 and have been in two serious relationships and one not so serious one. I usually look for someone that I can be intimate on every level and be with for the rest of my life. My first serious relationship was when I was a teenager and it lasted 4 ½ years. I have never really dated or wanted to be with someone just for sex. STYLES OF LOVE 3...
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