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week 7 checkpoint psy265 - Sexual characteristics such as...

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Running head: CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND SEXUAL BEHAVIOR 1 Child Development and Sexual Behavior Psy/265 University of Phoenix
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CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND SEXUAL BEHAVIOR 2 Child Development and Sexual Behavior It is not uncommon for parents not having the right knowledge about childhood sexual behaviors. So when these behaviors occur many parents are surprised and do not know how to deal with this issue. Some may think this kind of sexual behavior is abnormal. The parent may point out to the child that this type of behavior is wrong and should be stopped. Since this kind of reaction could hurt the child’s normal sexual development parents should be educated about this specific subject so when this situation occurs a parent can correctly guide them through these stages of sexual development. In the infancy stage, sexual behaviors begin as early as in the fetus as seen in an erection of the penis in males and in the sucking of a finger in both sexes in the mother’s womb. Later in the infancy stage, newborns’ sucking of a breast, pacifiers and other similar objects takes place.
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Unformatted text preview: Sexual characteristics such as swelling of a girl’s vagina or the boy’s penis, also occurs. A baby might become sexually aroused when a parent changes a diaper due to the genitals being touched during cleaning. In early childhood, masturbation is another sexual behavior that occurs. The interest in his or her genitals and role-playing, such as “doctor” begins. Also, male-to-male or female-to-female sexual activities may occur due to curiosity. In preadolescence, masturbation is also common, as well as, exploring same sex or male-female bodies either by showing or touching is not uncommon at this age. During adolescence, sexual behaviors also include masturbation; and receiving and giving oral sex and intercourse. Since sexual behavior begins very early and is part of every child’s development, it is a parent’s responsibility to support this development wisely. CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND SEXUAL BEHAVIOR 3...
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