Dave - Dave I would like to tell you about the year 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: Dave, I would like to tell you about the year 2011 for me… Let’s start in January, well in January you went to Hawaii for two weeks and came back with newly purchased Trojan condoms in your luggage. Let me tell you how that made me feel, like shit, the man I love feels the need to take condoms on his vacation to Hawaii, upon asking you why you had condoms in your luggage you replied your dad gave them to you and told you to have fun. Then later you changed your story and said you purchased them to jack off into. Then changing your story again you said they were old and you did not know how they got there. Well Dave I told you if you tried to do this to me again I wouldn’t allow myself to feel this way again. Last night you ripped my heart out stepped on it and reopened scars that are trying to heel. Then you decided to take off to Miami knowing that my trust in you had been depleted you lied to me and took of knowing how hurt and upset I was. After this I got knocked up and had an abortion which fucked me up in the head. You can’t imagine how it feels to lay in a chair and have someone rip your baby out of you right in front of your eyes. Shortly after having an abortion you came into my work to get dental work and were texting several women whom you contacted through dating sites. Then you disappeared over night tried telling me you where at your parents house even though I had your step mom look...
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Dave - Dave I would like to tell you about the year 2011...

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