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The website I chose to evaluate is http://health.gov/. I chose this website because It has several different health options available to me. The reason I chose it especially is because of the quick links that took me to the information I needed. I also liked the fact I could call the department of health if I had any further questions. I am interested in both sexual health and physical health so this website was perfect for me. I am very interested in physical health because it helps me stay healthier by exercising and eating right which fell in the nutrition and fitness section on the website. I like to be able to find information about sex easy because I like to tell younger individuals who are curious were to go accurate information so they don’t make decisions they are not ready for. The links on the web page were easy to access. The website had accurate information for health in all aspects. The website had contact numbers for people who had
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Unformatted text preview: additional questions, comments, or concerns. The website offered information for different age groups ranging from 11 to 100. I also liked the information about depression because depression is more common these days because of the recession. All in all I give this website 9 out of 10 because I feel they could have had the website more fun and colorful because it seems to be plan and boring. I also think they could have added a few videos because most people like interacting because they feel they are not alone. I get bored myself reading information especially when it’s useful so if they could incorporate some more entertaining links and possibly some quizzes that can help people get the right information they need. The last thing I would like to add is the healthy news section, I think it’s really cool that the website has health news because people can look up what colds and flu’s might be in their area....
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