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potrayal of sex - Running head CAPSTONE CHECK POINT 1...

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Running head: CAPSTONE CHECK POINT 1 Capstone Check Point Raven J Walker Psy/240 11/24/2011 University of Phoenix
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CAPSTONE CHECK POINT 2 Capstone Check Point The media portrays sexuality to adolescents in many ways, one of them would be that they have mainly reality shows on TV now where the characters walk around drunk, half naked, and have sex the whole show. Adolescents consider this to be their role models and look up to them. In my very own opinion I think this has the pregnancy rate going up on adolescents and also is directing us into the generation of the singles. The marriage rate has drastically gone down in the last 20 years. Mainly because it is now accepted in society to be cohabited and not be married, for example, I currently live with my boyfriend of five years, right now I like to consider what we are going through as a rough patch and if we don’t make it out together then we each can go our separate ways and do not have to get into a messy divorce. Positive effects
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