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Post your response to the following: As individuals, people have the ability to make their own choices and decide for themselves. Many things can influence their ability to choose freely. Choice, change, and control are three factors that influence the degree to which people choose. How does a person’s level of autonomy affect their sense of freedom? Autonomy is absolutely essential to a sense of freedom. Without autonomy freedom is nothing more than collectivism no matter what the circumstances. I would however say that autonomy is almost always a deception. In the book the experiment about the puzzles is used. Imagine though that all of the puzzles have been pre-selected by the experimenters and all had a picture of leaves in a field. What if any of the puzzles that the subjects have to choose from are basically the same? Is that autonomy? To bring this more down to earth, what if all of the possible presidential candidates that we are voting for basically espouse the same fundamental values? Is choosing the better of two evils
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